The End of a Vicious Cycle

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9781481752251: The End of a Vicious Cycle
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Growing up in the projects wasn't as bad as it looked; surrounded by family, friends and learning how to laugh at all bad situations was how Jamilah developed determination. Jamilah made up her mind to be better than others, whether it was a good or bad decision; her main goal was survival in the hood. Most people refused to leave thinking there was no other life but leaving in poverty and depression. Then there were others who left but they still lived in the hood. They left physically but mentally, they still acted, spoke and breathed the hood. Their minds never gave up on hoodism. Here is the story of a young girl who saw more tragedies than one person should ever experience in life, a true story of endurance. Jamilah experienced horror, money, drugs and a quick start of parenting before she had a taste of adult hood. She became the bum she laughed at and mistreated all her life. She hung out with some people she never would have got caught dead standing by; her life turns and spins into a sticky web of lies and deceit. Jamilah learned early on that honesty don't mean squat in the hood. You will become one lonely person that didn't fit in. You expressed dreams and good visions of what life should be for you; it was, you either fit in or get out. Jamilah was just one of hundreds of youth in the hood that carried a behavior of looking for love in a man or those so called role models; not just mom and dad but popular drug dealers and boyfriends. Learning how to self medicate that kept her numb from feeling reality; by her using more drugs and allowing her to find more jokes to pull you through being raped and robbed of your innocence, and the consequences of her believing in others than believing in herself. She managed to take all the tragedies and lies, by finding the root of the problem. She used them to stack them all under her feet for the perfect height to reach Victory; but she first had to go through some things that she inherited at birth in order to break the vicious cycle of low self-esteem, abusive relationships, tragic deaths and addiction.

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