Winston Churchill The Crossing, the

ISBN 13: 9781404345485

The Crossing, the

9781404345485: The Crossing, the

This is not the British Winston Churchill. This Winston Churchill is an American novelist born in St Louis, Missouri in 1871. Both Churchills communicated with each other and because the American Churchill was the first to publish, Sir Winston Churchill published his works under the name Winston S Churchill. The American Churchill was an officer in the U S Navy. He also was a novelist, essayist, and poet. His novels written in a naturalist style often expressed his political views. In 1898 Churchill published his first novel The Celebrity. The Crossing is a rousing novel about the Kentucky frontier during Revolutionary days. Young David Ritchie is thrilled to play host to Daniel Boone, who spends a night with him and his father at their cabin in the North Carolina territory. Years later David will venture west with George Rogers Clark's wilderness campaign before taking a bride and settling on the very frontier that Daniel Boone explored.

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From the Back Cover:

At the turn of the 20th century, Winston Churchill was the most popular novelist in the United States, the J.K. Rowling of his day--his second novel, Richard Carvel, sold a phenomenal two million copies, and his extraordinary fame forced the British Winston Churchill--the future prime minister whom we associate with the name today--to use his middle name to avoid confusion with his American counterpart.

This 1904 novel is considered by many to be Churchill's best, a sweeping historical romance of the settling of the Kentucky frontier during the American Revolution. Meticulously researched, it features appearances by such legendary names as George Rogers Clark, Simon Kenton, and Daniel Boone.

A century after it was written, Churchill's sensitive and poetic prose continues to bring the era and its players alive for readers today.

About the Author:

One of the most famous political figures of the twentieth century, Sir Winston S. Churchill (1874-1965) was also a well-known historian, biographer, and writer. Among his many books are "A History of the English-Speaking Peoples" (in four volumes), "The World Crisis, 1916-1918" (two volumes), and "The Second World War" (six volumes).

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