Ragnar Redbeard Might is Right

ISBN 13: 9781300653899

Might is Right

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9781300653899: Might is Right

The Full unedited version! This book, once described as "surely one of the most incendiary works ever to be published anywhere" is a no-holds-barred philosophical venture into the meaning of the Jewish origins of Christianity, of nature over nurture, might over morals, of power over weakness, the right of the strongest to rule, the survival of the fittest and the belief that the world is governed by force, not by religious or moral creeds. It is a book which, even a century after its first publication, still stirs huge debate. The reader is likely to be staggered, shake his his or her head in agreement, be dumbfounded or laugh out loud-even in anguish-from page to page. It is a call to man's primeval instinct of survival, of struggle and of the power of life over death. "Blessed are the Strong for they shall possess the earth - Cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke. Blessed are the Powerful for they shall be reverenced among men - Cursed are the Feeble for they shall be blotted out . . ."

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About the Author:

Who was Ragnar Redbeard? The truth is that no-one knows for sure. It is most often claimed that either Jack London (author of The Call of the Wild) or the New Zealand poet and social activist Arthur Desmond authored this work. There is however, no definitive proof that either of these two was Ragnar Redbeard, even though there is unquestionably a similar style between the poetry which appears in Might is Right and other poems published by Desmond. Politically, however, the two men would appear to have been poles removed from the philosophy espoused in Might is Right- although the use of a pseudonym suggests that it might have been deemed too politically incorrect, even then, for either to admit authorship.

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