Anonymous Svensk Diktning II

ISBN 13: 9781236711236

Svensk Diktning II

9781236711236: Svensk Diktning II
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Reseña del editor:

Utdrag: ...induce, move, lead. forbarma (-ade, -at) sig, to have mercy; to take pity. forbi, past, over, at an end; by. forbindelse (-n, -r), connection. forbindligt, obligingly, with complaisance, affably. forbittrad, bitter, envenomed, enraged, embittered, wroth, exasperated. forblekna (-ade, -at), to pale, fade, wither. forblinda (-ade, -at), to blind; to dazzle. forbliva (-blev, -blivit), to remain. forbluffande, astonishing. forbloda (-dde, -tt), to bleed to death; to expire. forbranna (-de, -t), to burn up; to consume by fire. forbund (-et, -), union, association, society, league. forbyta (-te, -t), to change. fordela (-ade, -at), to relieve, allay, dispel. fordjupa (-ade, -at), to deepen. fordjupning (-en, -ar), deepening. fordraga (-drog, -dragit), to bear, tolerate. fordubbla (-ade, -at), to double; to duplicate. fordystra (-ade, -at), to darken, sadden; to throw a gloom over. fordomd, accursed, damned. fore, before, in advance, ahead of, in front of. forebada (-ade, -at), to presage, foreshadow, predict. forefalla (-foll, -fallit), to appear, seem; to strike (one). forelasare (-n, -), lecturer. forelasning (-en, -ar), lecture. forena (-ade, -at), to unite, join, combine. forenad, forent, united. Forenta staterna, the United States. foresta (-stod, -statt), to be at hand; to approach, impend; to be imminent. forestallningssatt (-et), view, viewpoint. foretaga (-tog, -tagit), to undertake, enter upon, engage in; to take (as a journey). foreteelse (-n, -r), phenomenon, sign. foretrada (-dde, -tt), to represent; to stand for. foretradare (-n, -), predecessor; representative. foretradesvis, preeminently, chiefly, primarily. forfallna (forfalna), to wither. forfalna (-ade, -at), to wither, wilt, fade; to be blighted; usually falna. forfattare (-n, -), author, writer. forfattarinna (-an, -or), authoress. forfluten, past; det forflutna, the past. forflytta (-ade, -at), to remove. forfrusen, ..

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