S. Justini apologia prima, ed. with intr. and notes by W. Trollope

9781231996270: S. Justini apologia prima, ed. with intr. and notes by W. Trollope
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1845 Excerpt: ...Tatian (Orat. c. Graec. c. 17) expressly contradicts the notion that daemons were the souls of dead men. For other opinions see Tertull. de Anim. c. 57.--It should seem also from this passage, that Justin classes damoniacs and madmen together. 13. pam-iia. Of the Oracles here mentioned, see Mitford or Thirlwall, and Potter's Ant. Gr.--In the clauses which follow, Davies suggests the following very natural transposition: Kal oira aXXa Toiavrd kim, Kal 6 irap' 'Op. (iodpos, kal t) Kad. 'OS. els T. T. &iritrKsjnv, Kal To' Twv avy. S. 'E. Kal II. II, T« Kal 2, Kal Tw T. a. T. ilirovTwv.--With respect to the testimony borne by the Greek philosophers, Tertullian adduces that of Socrates in the beginning of the treatise De Anima; and the other three here named he classes together in c. 54, Philosophi qui immortalitatem anima vindicant, ut Pythagoras, ut Empedocles, vel Plato. The reasonings of Plato on the subject will be found in the Phado and Gorgias. See also the treatise of Augustine, De Anima e Immortalitate. dvOpdyrreiov BeiKviis Koi elKova ypairrrjv, ii c Tov roiovBe olov re yevioOai Biafiefiaiovfievos, irplv IBeiv yevofievov, eiTurrevaare; Ovk dv Tt? roXfirjaeiev avrenrelv. Tov avrov 10 ovv rpoirov, Bid To prjira ewpaicivcu v/ia? dvaaravra veKpbv, airiaria eei. 'AXX' bv rpoirov rf)v dp%rjv Ovk bv iiriarevaare ei c Tt)? fiiKpas pavlBos Bvvarbv Toiovtovs yeveadai, 7. ilkova ypairTv. Understand dvdpwirov. 8. olov Te. Davies suggests Toiovsi. 9. Ovk dv Tis ToXpno-etiv dvT. No one would be hardy enough to deny that such a statement would surpass belief. This is clearly the meaning, though Justin has hastily written just the reverse. Davies and Thirlby would read, though the latter is disposed to attribute the difficulty to Justin's own mistake, Ovk dv ...

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