Chemical abstracts Volume 12, nos. 9-16

9781231794647: Chemical abstracts Volume 12, nos. 9-16

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1918 Excerpt: ...been obtained since, the reaction taking place according to the equation CgHwON + 2HCHO = C10H17ON + 2H20; the product, bs, 103-7; picrale, m. 1900; picrolonate, m. 193; methochloride chloroaurate, m. 98. It is reconverted into the hydramine by H2NCONHNH2 and is hydrolyzed by dil. KOH to an isomer of (a); picrale, m. 192-3. Chas. A. Rouiller. AT-Methylconiine. J. Von Braun. Ber. 50, 1477(1917); through /. Chem. Soc. 114,1, 33.--The methylconiine, aD 35.66, previously obtained from hemlock Ber. 38, 3108), was in reality a mixt. of the d-and /-forms and the salts then described were those of the W-base (cf. Hess and Eichel, C. A. 12, 1186). Chas. A. Rouiller. Conversion of ethyl acetoacetate into hydrazidine derivatives. Carl Bulow And Richard Huss. Ber. 50, 1478-96(1917); through /. Chem. Soc. 114, I, 42-4; cf. C. A. 11, n72.--Ethyl a-methylaminoglyoxylate 2,4-dichlorophenylhydrazone, from the a-Cl compd. and ale. MeNHs, orange-yellow crystals, sol. with yellow color in cold HjSO without decompn., forms a hydrochloride. The following analogous compounds were prepd. in the same way: a-Elhylamino, yellow needles, m. 95. a-Propylamino, golden-yellow rhombic crystals, m. 102, gives with CI in ale. a diazo compd. coupling with 0-naphthol or R salt, giving red ppts., and probably formed according to the scheme CliCJJ,NHN:C(NHPr)C02Et + 2C12 = HC1 + Cl2C,HaN2Cl + PrNHCCl2C02Et. a-Butylamino, yellow needles, m. 89; isobutyl isomer, canary-yellow needles, m. 68.5. a-Isoamylamino, lemon-yellow needles, m. 65.5; hydrochloride; chloroplatinate, yellow needles. a-Benzylamino, yellow needles, m. 89. a-Anilino, yellow needles, m. 90. a-p-Anisidino, golden-yellow silky needles, m. 158. a-p-Phenetidino, golden-yellow needles, m. 163. a-o-Toluidino, yellow needles, m. 130. a-...

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