A Grammar of the Greek Language Volume 2

9781231681060: A Grammar of the Greek Language Volume 2
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1842 Excerpt: ...Itjj. 06s. The compounds of xntip take a genitive, when the notion of superiority is the prominent notion in the compound verb, as iirffxppovuv; otherwise it does not materially alter the sense of the simple verb. 5. Prepositions with Genitive, Dative, and Accusative: apupl, irepi, ivi, ficrA, irapd, irpo's, viro. I. 'hppl and nepl. §.631. 1. 'Ap.pC, TttpL, express the same position--about, around; ap.pl, two sides only; ittpC, all round. They agree also in their usage, except that apupl is mostly confined to the Ionic dialect and poetry, while irep£ is used in all the dialects, and therefore has acquired a greater variety of meanings and more general usage. a. 'A/101, about. 2. 'Aficpl (ap.Ttl) Sans, api; Lat. apud; in Comp. amp, a nib, am, an. General force--the position of two things, so that one is bounded on two sides by the other. I. Genitive.--1. Local (Post-Homeric).--a. Removal of something surrounded, from the thing surrounding it; the gen. signi a Magee on Atonement, I. p. 245, Kjq. Raphelius, Annot. II. p. 25-4. Schleiuner Lex. ad voc. Viner Graram. p. 328. Gr. Gb. VOL. II. L 1 particular reference to any thing; as, Xen. Anab. III. 2, 20 l£afj.apra.vtLV irtpL nva: Ibid. I. 6, 8 &biicos irepC nva: Id. M. S. I. 1, 20 a-axfipovtlv nepX Tovs Oeovs: Plat. Rep. princ. Trovrjpbs ntpi ri: Id. Gorg. p. 490 E irepl a-vrla Xiytiv: ax wept To r&ia rfioval--ra nepl Ttiv aperqv, the essence of virtue. Also the subject matter of an argument, or treatise, or system: Plat. Phsedr. p. 261 D nef.1 biKaorrjpid iariv r avriXoyiKTj: Id. Crat. p. 408 A Trent Xoyov hvvap.iv eon naaa f) irpayixartCa. Obs. 1. In the philosophical works of Aristotle, irtpl signifies "to be engaged in or upon," and takes its definite sense from the word on ...

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