Ibanez Electric Guitars: Ibanez Af195 AV, Ibanez Apex, Ibanez Artcore Series, Ibanez As73, Ibanez Destroyer, Ibanez Dmm1, Ibanez E-Gen, Ibanez

9781155452067: Ibanez Electric Guitars: Ibanez Af195 AV, Ibanez Apex, Ibanez Artcore Series, Ibanez As73, Ibanez Destroyer, Ibanez Dmm1, Ibanez E-Gen, Ibanez
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 27. Chapters: Ibanez AF195 AV, Ibanez Apex, Ibanez Artcore series, Ibanez AS73, Ibanez Destroyer, Ibanez DMM1, Ibanez E-Gen, Ibanez EDR/EXR, Ibanez GAX30, Ibanez GIO, Ibanez GR 220, Ibanez Iceman, Ibanez JEM, Ibanez Jet King, Ibanez JS Series, Ibanez K7, Ibanez MTM, Ibanez PGM, Ibanez Pro-line, Ibanez RG, Ibanez RG2228, Ibanez RG7 CST, Ibanez RG 321, Ibanez RG Fixed, Ibanez RG Prestige, Ibanez RG Tremolo, Ibanez S, Ibanez S4170 AB, Ibanez SZ, Ibanez Talman, Ibanez Universe, RG Premium. Excerpt: Ibanez JEM is an electric guitar manufactured by Ibanez and first produced in 1987. The guitar's most notable user is its co-designer, Steve Vai. As of 2010, there have been five sub-models of the JEM: the JEM7, JEM77, JEM777, JEM555 and the JEM333. Although the Ibanez JEM series is a signature series guitar, Ibanez mass-produces several of the guitar's sub-models. The Ibanez JEM series is heavily influenced by the superstrat to model name or bodyshape is called a soloist concept, a more aggressive guitar in terms of shape and specifications compared to the Stratocaster. Previously, Vai used a handbuilt guitar by Charvel & Jackson. With Joe Despagni and Tom Anderson he created various custom guitars and used Tom Anderson's model to record the demo of the David Lee Roth album Skyscraper. Vai also began to bring his Tom Anderson guitars on tour: "... He built this for me after my old green monster, which I used out on the road last year until it died. I was pulling on the whammy bar and ripped the bar right out of the guitar ; it was actually ripped out before the show at Madison Square Garden. I was dying. So I started using Tom's guitar as my main guitar for the rest of the tour, and I really like it because it has a very heavy sound to it. So I took the best of the sounds from that guitar and had them incorporated into the Ibanez." Vai decided to stop using his Anderson guitar in favour of a guitar deal with a bigger company. Just before Christmas 1986 Ibanez received Vai's guitar specification; they were similar to Despagni's guitars. Ibanez built one of their "Maxxas" guitars for him with a palmrest for the tremolo. Vai liked the model and decided to produce that particular guitar with Ibanez. It took five months to make the new model samples in Japan, the JEM guitar and the RG range which launched at the NAMM Industry Trade Show in June 1987. Steve Vai with Ibanez JEMAfter the JEM series was launched at the NAMM show, Ibanez with Steve Vai began to design and pr

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