Manual of Clinical Chemistry

9781154991802: Manual of Clinical Chemistry
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The student should refer to the descriptive part of the text-book for the subjects treated of here. THE CARBOHYDRATES. 1. Note the general appearance of the specimens of grape-sugar or dextrose, dextrin, and starch which are passed around. 2. Put some of each into cold water. Starch is insoluble; dextrose and dextrin slowly dissolve, but more readily in hot water. 3. Apply Trom.jner s Test for Dextrose. Put a few drops of copper sulphate solution into a test-tube, then solution of dextrose, and then strong sodium hydroxide. On adding the NaOH a precipitate is first formed, which, on adding more, redissolves, forming a blue solution. On boiling this, a yellow or red precipitate (cuprous hydrate or oxide) forms. 4. Dextrin. A dd iodine solution to the solution of dextrin, and a reddish-brown color is produced. The color disappears on heating. 5. Starch. (a) Examine microscopically the scrapings from the surface of a freshly cut potato. Note the appearance of the starchgrains, with their concentric markings. (S ee table, p. 369.) b) On boiling starch with water, an opalescent solution is formed, which, if strong, gelatinizes on cooling. c) A dd iodine solution. An intense blue color is produced, which disappears on heating, and, if not heated too long, reappears on cooling. N. B. Prolonged heating drives off the iodine, and consequently no blue color returns on cooling. (d) Conversion into dextrin and dextrose.
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