A Romanized Hindustani and English Dictionary

9781130881912: A Romanized Hindustani and English Dictionary
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1864 Excerpt: ...prop. Maghzi, which see. Magra, adj. proud, haughty, cross, obstinate, headstrong, stubborn, refractory. Magiahi, 8. /. arrogance. Magrai, I 8. /. haughtiness, ob Magrapan, / stinacy, refractoriness, insolence. Magrela, 8. To. a small black seed of a very pungent smell. Magri, adj. see Magra. Magrur, adj. prop. Maghrur, which see. Magruri, 8. /. prop. Maghruri', which see. Mah, 8. To. the moon; a month. Maha, adj. great, illustrious; very, extremely. Mahabbat, 8.f. friendship, love. Mahabharat, 8. /. the great war of the descendants of Bharat; the name of an epic poem. Mahabir, 8. To. a great hero. Mahadev, 8. To. name of one of the principal Hindu divinitie8. Mahajal, 8. m. a net used in fishing, a seine. Mahajan, 8. m. a banker, money dealer, merchant, a creditor. Mahajaui, 8./. the business of u Mahajan; interest on money lent. Mahak,8./. odour, perfume, fragrance. Mahakna, v. n. to exhale agreeable smells, to emit odour, to perfume. Mahakorh, 8. m. a species of leprosy. Mahala, 8. m. the story of a building. Muhaldar, 8. m. the watchman of a divsion. Mahaldarin, t. f. the midwife of a Mahall or division. Mahall,8. m. a place, house, mansion, seraglio, residence; time, opportunity. Mahall, 8.m. plur. of Mahall, streets, courts, houses, &c. Mahalla, 8. m. a quarter (or part of a town, district, division. Mahallt adj. belonging to the seraglio, a eunuch. Mahallsara, seraglio, female apartment8. Mahamai',8./. Diirga, the small-pox. Mahamari, 8. /. the plague, pestilence. Mahanga, adj. dear, high-priced, expensive. Mahangf, adj. dear: 8./.a dearth, scarcity, famine. Mahant, 8. m. a religious superior, a chief of the faqi'rs, a kind of monk. Mahapap, 8. m. atrocity, great sin. Mahapapi, adj. atrocious, great sinner. Mahiiprasad, 8. m. meat offered to Jaga...

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