The Lost Waves or The Mercator-Mollweide Factor

9780987536006: The Lost Waves or The Mercator-Mollweide Factor
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The Lost Waves investigate the implications of creating emotional cartographies based on location of when and where one reads a poem. How does one feel? What significance does location/time play etc?

This book will perhaps only be understood by those who have themselves already thought the thoughts which are expressed in it--or similar thoughts. It is therefore not a textbook. Its object would be attained if there were one person who read it with understanding and to whom it afforded pleasure.

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About the Author:

Giorgios Qure-Lacroix is the Managing Editor for the Daily Mail Group Middle East and former Senior editor of Forbes Middle East & CNN ME. Founder of WavyArabia, co-founder of the FAM school.


A wave exists in a myriad of forms. Shockwaves, radio waves, electromagnetic waves, a wave of emotion, microwaves. Christian Doppler famously laid claim to his eponymous effect, the process which is experienced when a passing sound wave (e.g. a police siren) changes frequency and thus sounds differently at varying stages of its passage.

With a nod to the aforementioned complexity Giorgios Qure-Lacroix Retsinas The Lost Waves introduces waves of poetry.

Greek born, New York bred and Harvard educated, Retsinas, now based in Dubai, offers classification-defying prose in The Lost Waves, his debut tome. Waves launches with A Very Minor Introduction , a purposefully disjointed swipe at the order of erudite book forewords before it.

Retsinas masterfully offers forth the undefined realm of waves, beginning with disguised talk of Physics, mentions of poetic theory, ultimately arriving at just what it means to be wavy. A range of poetry follows. Love lost, a commanding 6-line personification of fire, life after the wave.

--From Quint Magazine

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