How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier Perfectly: A Step by Step Illustrated Guide for Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier

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9780974943299: How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier Perfectly: A Step by Step Illustrated Guide for Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier

This manual was written and compiled by a professional, certified groomer, designed especially for beginners and pet owners interested in grooming their own Yorkshire Terrier.

You will learn techniques you usually won't find in grooming manuals, nor Professional Pet Grooming Courses. In this manual you will learn about: Proper equipment (includes resources to purchase & maintenance) Bathing tips (gives shampoo types & what to choose for your dog, how often & How to bathe your Yorkshire Terrier properly) Feet care (how & where to clip) Ear care (signs of ear infections & how to & how often to clean the ears) Nail care (where to clip & how often) Dental care (problematic signs & how to care for & brush your dog's teeth) How to give your Yorkshire Terrier a haircut & trim Proper brushing techniques (includes how to prevent/remove matting) How to make bows & bandanas to add the finishing touches And many more aspects to properly grooming your Yorkshire Terrier, including fully color-illustrated instructions on Yorkshire Terrier grooming--step by step.

No longer will you have to worry about leaving your pet with unfamiliar people or spend money on frequent grooms. With this book, you will learn with ease, how to groom your Yorkshire Terrier. The manual also includes specific writing in red to warn you of problem areas that can be stressful for the groomer and the pet, and specific instructions on to how work through these problem areas. This is something you won't find in any other grooming instruction manual. You will also have email access to the author of the manual, a professional, certified groomer, and will receive six full months of email technical help to walk you through procedures. Whether you are a professional groomer or a loving owner of a Yorkshire Terrier, this book can be of great benefit to you, and potentially save you lots of money. Please feel free to check out our positive feedback ratings. THIS MANUAL IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR PET OWNERS & BEGINNING GROOMERS. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR SHOW GROOMING PURPOSES

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