The Divine Intersection Of Business & Church

9780972268462: The Divine Intersection Of Business & Church
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Historically, the church has emphasized the spiritual aspect of ministry, leaving those who are gifted in business feeling like second-class citizens because they do not have a five-fold ministry call upon their lives. Recently, however, the pressure to function in a five-fold role has been largely eliminated. The concept of marketplace ministry has been sweeping through the church like a rally cry to empower those in the business arena to fulfill the high calling God has placed upon them. Businesspeople are now termed Marketplace Ministers and released to accumulate wealth in the business community. In Divine Intersection Dr. Pappis reveals that God is preparing a company of Christian businessmen and businesswomen who will wield economic power that will influence entire nations and the global economy. These men and women are inspired by God and gifted with wisdom and knowledge to fulfill specific purposes in the plan of God. They will have God-revealed insights into upcoming events that will position them to steward great sums of money and considerable influence in the earth. They will be positioned to receive and steward these resources because they are focused on executing the will of God for their lives and understand prosperity with a purpose. Collectively they will serve as a conduit through which wealth is channeled to men and women around the world who are fulfilling God s plans. They will steward an anointing to prosper such as has not been released since Israel made its exodus from Egypt. It is the responsibility of church leaders to prepare themselves to minister effectively to these men and women and to respond to the call upon their own lives to engage the marketplace. Pastors have a unique opportunity to speak into the lives of professionals and encourage them in the fulfillment of the visions God has birthed in their hearts. Divine Intersection is written to equip church leaders to step into this role with confidence and knowledge. Dr. Pappis challenges every leader to break free of the limitations imposed upon him by tradition and culture and embrace a biblical perspective on wealth. In the process of doing so, he urges them to assume a role in the marketplace themselves and then prepares them to do it. From writing a business plan to securing start-up financing, business basics are presented in such a way as to allay any fears of venturing into the business realm. Dr. Pappis has also included an extensive glossary of business terminology. By familiarizing himself with the culture of business and becoming active in it, every church leader is better able to understand and minister to the business professionals in his congregation. Consequently, they as well as he are better positioned to become a part of the company God is mobilizing to steward a great anointing to create wealth and expand the kingdom of God on the earth.

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About the Author:

Biography Dr. Nick Pappis Nick Pappis Ph.D. was born in North East, Ohio and is a voice known throughout the world having spoken on six continents in diverse venues, from Harvard, MIT, Oxford to the Houston Astrodome. Whether consulting a Prime Minister, titans of industry, government leaders or giving input into White House briefings, Dr. Pappis possesses over thirty years experience in the global markets. Dr. Pappis has founded numerous companies that include marketing, consulting, health, technology, publishing, media, and is involved in large real estate ventures, and aviation. Presently he is moving into manufacturing and the energy sector including oil, and gas as well as alternative energy and the development of new energy sources. Dr. Pappis has also been involved with international think tanks attended by world leaders, titans of industry, and government leaders to propose solutions to world crises. He is sought out as a corporate deal marker and acquires corporations internationally for clients. Dr. Pappis also aids corporations to secure investment capital needed to fund their ventures. Dr. Pappis is the author of numerous books and training materials on business and economics and has hosted a successful television program on ABC. Dr. Pappis serves on the board of directors of numerous national and international corporations.

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