Mother-Son Incest: the Unthinkable Broken Taboo Persists

9780971691735: Mother-Son Incest: the Unthinkable Broken Taboo Persists

I wrote the first edition of this book in 1994 (first published in 1995, by the Safer Society Press) as my Master's thesis. At that time, I knew nothing about Mother-Son Incest, and believed, like many others, that this form of incest is very rare, if it even existed. Boy was I wrong! The more I researched the topic, the more I realized Mother-Son Incest is a reality. I ended up writing my thesis as an advocacy paper seeking to explore this denial and to heighten awareness of Mother-Son Incest among sexuality educators and the helping professions..... This revised edition of Mother-Son Incest: The Unthinkable Broken Taboo Persists, is no longer written only for sexuality educators and for helping professionals; I wrote this revised edition also for survivors, their partners, perpetrators, and any interested individuals. As you read through the same five misconceptions, the revised book provides an updated and embellished overview of findings, (Although much of the discussion holds true for other forms of incest and sexual abuse, this book focuses on males who have been sexually abused by their mothers). The new edition has a chapter with personal stories of survivors, and another chapter about recovery from mother-son incest. The book ends with an appendix of resources. One last thing: This is a difficult book to read. As one of my reviewers on related: "This book can be difficult to read, especially if you're one of the sons, or a person trying to have a life... with one of them." I suggest you read this book in a safe environment, when you have time to reflect on it, and make sure you have ready access to a support system. Hani G. Miletski, Ph.D., MSW Bethesda, Maryland

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