Creating a Bug Free Mind: Creating Your Life by Design

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9780957082502: Creating a Bug Free Mind: Creating Your Life by Design

Creating A Bug Free Mind is the world's first antivirus for the human mind. A few years ago I discovered that people could not create success because they were effectively trying to load good software onto a computer which had a virus. I discovered that the traditional way success is taught would only work for the people who still had their natural success mindset. I discovered that everybody on earth is, or rather was once naturally successful. That we all had a 100% natural success mindset which we once used perfectly to learn to walk. As learning to walk is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life... Yet you did it without effort and with absolute certainty of success, without words you KNEW that you could not fail! That's when you had your natural success mindset. Every day since then you have moved further away from this mindset... And this is why you cannot become successful, no matter what you attempt to do. You were programmed by society to fail... There's no conspiracy theory here, it is simple deduction, as how else can you explain a 99.999% failure to succeed rate in society?

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From the Author:

There are two groups of people in the world and you fit into one of them.

You are either a successful person, or an unsuccessful person... And nothing else you do will change which group of people you are in.

You can be in the successful person group and not be successful yet, e.g. you have the right mindset but you haven't actually found your route to success yet. In this group you may or may not succeed, but at least you CAN succeed!

However, if you are in the other group which makes up 99.999% of the world's population then there is NO WAY that you ever will succeed! That's unless you fix the invisible problems you have in your mind which are preventing your success in life.

So if you are in group two then you have NO CHANCE of success unless you fix the problem. An easy way to describe it is you have a car, but you have no petrol for it, so you cannot succeed. No amount of effort or powerful thinking will make your car work as you have no fuel!

Now I know that's 1) not what you want to hear, and 2) you probably don't believe it... But understanding how success works is my passion ever since I once asked the question:- 'Why do I know I can succeed at whatever I do? And why do I know that the person sitting right next to me, learning EXACTLY the same stuff... why do I KNOW that they will not?'

Then after several years of pondering on this question I found the answer after loosing all of the millions I had created. It was only through failure that I found the answer I had been searching for...

I discovered why successful people are certain to succeed and unsuccessful people are certain to fail. And they are so certain to fail, that they will fail despite reading EVERY success book and method on the planet. This will happen because they are going about success in the wrong way.

All personal development books teach you that you have to 'believe' in yourself to become successful, however, this only works if you are already in the group of successful people! If you are in the other 99.999% of society then you can do all the 'believing' you want... But you will not succeed...

Don't believe me? Then where are all the successful people? If the current books on success worked then the world would be full of successful people. However, the world is full of disappointed people who are either failing or have failed.

Traditional books on success will only work for people who are in the group of successful people, which is why the personal development teachers have been able to get away with such a pathetic success rate of 0.001%... The reason is that successful people always cite their books as the reason they succeeded...

And there is some truth in that, as their books opened the door... But this was because their minds were right BEFORE they read the books. Unsuccessful people can read the same books and not succeed. Understanding why that was became a passion to me, and when I uncovered the answer it lead me to writing this book.

You see I am not saying the success teachers cannot teach success, but I am saying that if you are not already in the group of successful people then they cannot teach it to you!

That's why I wrote Creating A Bug Free Mind, which is designed to get you back your natural success mindset. Once you have this then you instantly join the group of successful people and you can succeed. However, until you read this book you will never succeed, this IS the secret to success for the 99.999% of society who are in group two.

There's a secret technique in this book which is not in other books, it has a unique teaching method which my father (a school teacher) taught me... The information I share with you will be nearly all what you have read before, but the magic is in the way I teach it to you. As this makes all the wisdom you have learned begin to work... This technique will be the secret to your eventual success.

Until you go through this process than every step you take in life will not create success and will waste time UNTIL you get A Bug Free Mind... And if you think this sounds like bull**it, then this is why I give a six month guarantee... So that you can read everything and then you'll know that what I've written here is exactly why you have not and will not become successful... And you will know FOR CERTAIN that you can now go out and create success!

And of course if you are in the 0.001% of society who still has their natural success mindset, then this information and understanding will ensure that you become successful and don't waste your gift... So which ever group you are in then the choice you have now is, 'Am I so certain of my success that I can afford to not read this?'

Don't worry, if you don't read it now, then within 5 years you will realise that you'll have to read it, that's if you want to become successful. and haven't already given up 'believing' that you are not cut out to become successful (which really is bull**it by the way!)...

As 5 years from now your life won't have moved on, and your subconscious mind will show you this opportunity again as it has now... It probably won't take 5 years though, as I know how your mind power works, and if you want to learn how to use it in the same way as anyone who reads this book then you can, IF you can choose you can. I look forward to talking to you soon,

About the Author:

A super quick bio... Done a fair bit ;-) Went into business myself at the ripe old age of 23,...spent 11 years figuring how to get rich, whilst building a business with well over 100 people in it... got fed up trying & getting nowhere so became a multi-millionaire investing in property in under seven months... had a truly fantastic time for 7 years, owned stacks of stuff including loads of Supercars including the world's fastest car and had some unbelievable experiences... still apparently the best selling UK author on Property Investing... then became fascinated with doing business online... worked on various niche product launches, doing multi-million pound launches and always selling out in seconds not hours... became fascinated with learning marketing.... became fascinated about health and nutrition after losing over 140 lbs... became fascinated about why I could succeed in life and why others who learnt exactly the same things couldn't... life was going great had developed multiple businesses all around the Property niche.... credit crunch stopped play... back to square one BANKRUPT... realized I had lost control of my mind... went on a very, very enlightening journey... fully regained control and my ability to create with just thought again... discovered the answer as to why I could succeed and why others couldn't... then figured out that success books only work for successful people... so they worked for me, but wouldn't for nearly everyone else... then figured out how I could teach success to others... so I wrote two books called "Creating A Bug Free Mind & Using A Bug Free Mind" which are all about mindset and how to design your life... just before this took a few months off to figure out what I wanted to do with my life... discovered I got my greatest pleasure helping people achieve the impossible, and decided that the way I could change the world was one mind at a time... so decided to self publish again as I can't be arsed with bureaucracy... did a soft launch of the book in 2010... launch sold out and the testimonials were nothing short of inspiring... currently building the foundations of the Bug Free business before I unleash the books properly onto the world so that I can start changing it en masse... thoroughly enjoying life and working diligently on my purpose... and also having a great family life... (probably missed a fair bit out of this... :-))

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