Don Richardso Hijo De Paz

ISBN 13: 9780829705720

Hijo De Paz

9780829705720: Hijo De Paz

317pp , ABOUT THE AUTHOR :: Don Richardson ( born 1935) is a Canadian Christian missionary , teacher, author and international speaker who worked among the indigenous peoples of West Papua , Indonesia. He holds in his writings that , hidden among the tribal cultures , usually some practices or understandings , which he calls " redemptive analogies " which can be used to illustrate the meaning of the evangelical Christian, contextualizing the biblical representation of the incarnation of Jesus . Richardson studied at Prairie Bible Institute and the Summer Institute of Linguistics . In 1962 , he and his wife Carol and her baby seven months old, went to work among the Sawi tribe was then Dutch New Guinea to serve the regions beyond the Missionary Union . El Sawi were known to be cannibalistic [ 2] headhunters . Living with them in virtual isolation from the modern world involved exposure to malaria , dysentery and hepatitis, and the threat of violence. In his new home in the forest, Richardson set about learning the native language Sawi was daunting in its complexity. There are 19 times for each verb. Don was soon able to become proficient in the dialect after a time of 8-10 hours daily learning sessions. Richardson worked to show people so they can understand Jesus of the Bible, but cultural barriers to understand and accept this teaching seemed impossible until an unlikely event brought the concept of substitutionary atonement of Christ in immediate relevance for the Sawi . Missionary historian Ruth A. Tucker writes: As I learned the language and lived with people, he became more aware of the gulf between his Christian worldview world view of the Sawi : "For them , Judas , not Jesus , was the hero of the Gospels , Jesus was only the unwary who laughed at. " Finally Richardson discovered what he referred to as a redemptive analogy pointed to the incarnate Christ much more clearly than any scripture alone could have done. What he discovered was the Peace Child Sawi con

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