Joseph Armstead Painmaker

ISBN 13: 9780738851969


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9780738851969: Painmaker

PAINMAKER: The First Tale in the Book of Dark Memory

Within each of us, there is a place of Darkness, a solitary Hell where our worst nightmares take shape. We hide it from the light of day, from our loved ones, and from ourselves. We hide the Darkness, but we are never free of it. It stays with us.

Sometimes it owns us.

What would happen if those dark nightmares took on a life of their own? What would happen if they grew jealous of our lives and our freedom? What would it be like if they no longer wanted to hide?

What would happen if the Darkness came to life?

Welcome to Haverhill, California, a city scarred by secrets. Modern, upscale and thriving, it is the kind of community where hatred and violence are alien, where everyone feels safe... It will become Ground Zero for the raging violence of Darkness unleashed.

It is here, to these avenues and alleyways, that the nightmares have gathered, ready to march out into the light.

A very angry Darkness has come to Haverhill. It will own this city.

The Darkness has a name and it is everywhere. It is embodied in beings called "The Infernals" and their evil hides behind every face. And they bring with them pain and death and destruction.

Pray for those who would fight against them.

The daylight fades and the window on the night has been broken. The darkness is rushing in...

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