Joseph Martin The Quest Tarot

ISBN 13: 9780738701950

The Quest Tarot

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9780738701950: The Quest Tarot

A Visual Feast for the Eyes, Mind, and Spirit

You're going to love the brilliant and colorful imagery on The Quest Tarot! Its familiar design and the keywords on each card make it ideal to learn the Tarot. For more depth you can work with the symbolism that includes the I Ching, runes, animals, Kabalah, gemstones and more.

Hidden on the court cards is an easy-to-use system that will let you quickly answer yes/no questions. The difficulty of timing in predictions is finally resolved by using a clock symbol on each card. For more information about people discussed in your readings the cards indicate hair, eye, and skin color. Everything is explained in the accompanying 288-page book.

The Quest Tarot can be used in so many different ways that it really can be considered a universal divination tool. The more you learn about astrology, the runes, the I Ching, and other systems, the more information you can add to your readings and the more useful this deck will become. However, if you're like most people, discovering all of the amazing uses of this deck is just a bonus to the joy you'll experience as you gasp in awe at the art. The deck is filled with intense colors and 3D computer realism and surrealism. The background in The Fool appears to have been cut from the Grand Canyon. Pillars around The Magician seem to be transparent light bound in place. This may be the most amazing deck you'll ever see...or use!

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About the Author:

Joseph Ernest Martin (California) has been a professional Tarot reader for more than fifteen years. He is also a professional artist and art director, with more than sixty-three design awards.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

the stars, planets, and
The astrological aspects in the Quest Tarot follow traditional interpretations.
What follows is a shorthand guide to the essence of the planets and
their configurations. You can easily look up the cards by referring to the
first few words in each paragraph. Also, the planetary associations have
been highlighted in bold to make them easier to find. Pictures of the actual
cards have been included so that you can become familiar with the symbols
as they appear on the cards.
The planets and stars move like a grand machine above us. They have
been considered magical ever since we could raise our heads and look up.
Astrology has been through quite a renaissance. The planets tell us their
stories using symbols, glyphs, and circles. If we watch the planets carefully,
we will realize that they shed their light upon us as influential energy.
Imagine that a planet or star is a colored light. When that light is in the
right position, it influences how we see our surroundings and therefore
how we react to our surroundings. We still have free will and those who
are enlightened are probably the least affected by the energy of the stars,
though they cast their influence anyway.
It is important that we become aware of the movement of our little
planet through the universe. We are all traveling so quickly (around 700
miles per hour around the sun) that we forget to stop and contemplate
how our existence is a miracle. By taking the time to look up and even to
learn about what we see in the heavens, we open ourselves up to the divine
guidance the heavens offer us.
Planets Signs
Moon s Aries 1
Sun a Taurus 2
Mercury d Gemini 3
Venus f Cancer 4
Mars g Leo 5
Jupiter h Virgo 6
Saturn j Libra 7
Uranus È Scorpio
Neptune l Sagittarius Õ
Pluto Capricorn 0
Chiron c Aquarius -
Pisces =
the suit of wands
Ace of Wands
The Ace in each suit does not have any planetary
The Aces contain time references.
Two of Wands
Mars in Aries.
Strength and assertiveness. Running over
the tops of others. Not caring about others as you climb
the ladder.
Three of Wands
Sun in Aries.
Fierce determination to succeed. Selfcenteredness.
Disregard for others. High energy level.
Restlessness. Leadership.
Four of Wands
Venus in Aries.
Passion and energy. Risk taking. Love of
physical intimacy. Excitement. An enterprising person.
10 The Stars, Planets, and Constellations
Five of Wands
Saturn in Leo. Kingly and prideful. Great strength.
Serious attitude. Refusal to accept limitations. Extreme
effort. Too much pride and willfulness.
Six of Wands
Jupiter in Leo.
Outgoing personality. Blowing your own
horn. Tendency to be bombastic. Noisy. Showoff. Love
of life. Overly optimistic or rash judgment.
Seven of Wands
Mars in Leo.
Dominant leader. Encouraging attitude.
Dramatic actions. Courageous and vigorous. Great
physical vitality. Strength.
Eight of Wands
Mercury in Sagittarius.
You become more and more negative.
It’s time to think. Be serious in your current tasks.
Avoid scattering your energy.
Nine of Wands
Sun in Sagittarius.
Love of physical and intellectual
journeys. Self-improvement. Philosophical. Great
curiosity. Visionary.
Ten of Wands
Saturn in Sagittarius.
Improving your mind.
Continuing education. Sharing your thoughts.
Curbed enthusiasm. A love of teaching.
the suit of cups
Ace of Cups
The Ace in each suit does not have any planetary
The Aces contain time references.
The Stars, Planets, and Constellations 11
Two of Cups
Venus in Cancer. The intense desire for a stable and
long-lasting relationship. Don’t sacrifice yourself.
Romance. Nurturing energies. Sentimental. Strong
family ties.
Three of Cups
Mercury in Cancer.
Don’t dwell on the past. Emotions
may stop you from progressing. Exaggeration. Difficulty
Four of Cups
Moon in Cancer.
Self-protection. Hard outer shell.
Appearing different from who you really are.
Mysterious presence. Need for emotional security.
Five of Cups
Mars in Scorpio.
High sexual drive. Intense. Penetrating
to the essence of things. Inner strength. Situations are
difficult to understand. Beware of jealousy. Extreme.
Six of Cups
Sun in Scorpio.
Examining the inner self. Searching for
the meaning of life. Introspection. Contemplation.
Seven of Cups
Venus in Scorpio.
Creating harmony among your many
and varied intense relationships. Possible resentfulness.
Eight of Cups
Saturn in Pisces.
Humane. Afraid to be in public.
Lack of self-confidence. Caution around self-expression.
Shy. Vague fears.
Nine of Cups
Jupiter in Pisces.
A kind and sympathetic nature.
Caring deeply about people. Taking care of those in need.
12 The Stars, Planets, and Constellations
Ten of Cups
Mars in Pisces. Imagination in sexual performance.
Difficulty asserting oneself. Inner restlessness. Overly
emotional. Artistic and musical.
the suit of swords
Ace of Swords
The Ace in each suit does not have any planetary
The Aces contain time references.
Two of Swords
Moon in Libra.
Peacefulness. Sensitive to the problems
of others. Bring peace to situations. Easygoing presence.
Need for harmony and peace. Avoid indecisiveness.
Must be honest with yourself and others.
Three of Swords
Saturn in Libra.
Justice, diplomacy, and fairness.
Learning lessons through relationships. Cooperation.
Possible intolerance.
Four of Swords
Jupiter in Libra.
Being attractive to other people.
Laid-back attitude. Taking the time to enjoy surroundings.
Refinement. Love of beauty.
Five of Swords
Venus in Aquarius.
Emotionally cool. Intellectualizing
relationships. Strong desire for independence. Hating
any restrictions. Head rules the heart. Humanitarian.
Six of Swords
Mercury in Aquarius.
Quick and original intellect.
Unique ideas and opinions. Nervous tension.
Be consistent.
The Stars, Planets, and Constellations 13
Seven of Swords
Moon in Aquarius. Brittle energies. Pushing away help.
Surprising responses. Need for independence.
Eight of Swords
Jupiter in Gemini.
Unsettling energy. Restlessness.
Upbeat and carefree. Scattered energy. Wanting to be
on the move. Unsettled. Enjoys intellectual activity.
Nine of Swords
Mars in Gemini.
Hard to relax. Versatility and energy.
Always busy. Many challenges and events. Experiment.
Ten of Swords
Sun in Gemini.
Strong mental abilities. Love of learning.
Passionate about sharing knowledge. Innate curiosity and
versatility. Adaptable.
the suit of stones
Ace of Stones
The Ace in each suit does not have any planetary
The Aces have time references.
Two of Stones
Jupiter in Capricorn.
Being grounded. Exercising
caution and common sense. Sensible challenges.
Controlled growth.
Three of Stones
Mars in Capricorn.
Incredible stamina. Enduring what
others cannot endure. Taking calculated risks. Stability.
Four of Stones
Sun in Capricorn.
Advancement in material wealth and
social status. Strong sense of responsibility. Make your
14 The Stars, Planets, and Constellations
Five of Stones
Mercury in Taurus. Obsessive and stubborn. Firmly
fixed in your position. Desire for security. Practicality.
Six of Stones
Moon in Taurus.
Conservative and conventional. Intense
emotional state. Strong desire for creature comforts.
Need for material security. Sensuous.
Seven of Stones
Saturn in Taurus.
Moving forward at a slow and steady
pace. Caution brings stable success. Deliberate motion.
Avoid possessiveness of people and things.
Eight of Stones
Sun in Virgo.
Adherence to strict daily routines.
Concerned with health, diet, and exercise. Verbal
communication. Analytical. Perfectionistic. Modestly
serving others.
Nine of Stones
Venus in Virgo.
Charming in a quiet way. Modest
appearance. Willing to help others. Can be too
critical of loved ones.
Ten of Stones
Mercury in Virgo.
Strong problem-solving abilities.
Common sense. Firmly planted in reality. Short-sighted.
Practical and detail oriented. Nervous. Keen intellect.
Good verbal skills.
the major arcana
The Fool
The energy of individuality. Being independent.
A new direction. Personal revolutionary transformation.
Fresh start.
The Stars, Planets, and Constellations 15
The Magician
Mercury. Using the mind. Decision maker. Speaking to
others about what is on your mind. Thinker.
The High Priestess
Parental and nurturing feelings. Feminine energy.
Instinct, psychic ability, and strong emotions.
The Empress
Relationships and feelings. Economic and
romantic partnerships. Love and money.
The Emperor
Initiating. Thinking of yourself first.
Determination. Dynamic situations. High energy.
The Hierophant
Possessiveness. Holding on too tightly. The
desire for many possessions. Conservative. Safe. Stable.
A builder. An attraction for structure. Stubborn.
The Lovers
Duality. Able to handle many different things
at the same time. Adaptable. Restlessness.
The Chariot
Appearing as tough and insensitive but actually
imaginative and sensitive. Melancholy.
Autocratic. Reigning over a kingdom. Strong
personality. Knowing what is best. In charge. Use of
self-will. Dramatic.
The Hermit
Modesty. Prudish and shy. An introvert. Analysis.
Fastidious and detail oriented.
16 The Stars, Planets, and Constellations
The Wheel of Fortune
Jupiter. Expansiveness. Desire for knowledge. Taking
a philosophical outlook. Optimism and tolerance.
Harmony and balance. Understanding and
sympathetic. Possible contentiousness and harshness.
The Hanged Man
Making changes that affect generations. Farreaching,
unique perspective. High ideals. Self-sacrifice.
Intense energy. Seeking sexual attention.
Possible jealousy or resentfulness. Very involved.
Powerful desires and emotions.
Love of being free. Unconventional
behavior. Versatility. Being good at everything.
Searching. A know-it-all.
The Devil
Stiff and unbending. Austere. Calculating
and prudent. Conservative. Single-mindedness. Being
too attached to the material world.
The Tower
Untamed and powerful. Sexual energy. Hard
worker. Competitiveness. Quick to anger.
The Star
Glamorous. Heads will turn. Possibly cool
and distant. Eccentric and original. Humanitarian.
The Stars, Planets, and Constellations 17
The Moon
Pisces. Self-sacrificing. Loving, kind, and clever. Ego
interests and attachments lead to delusion and deception.
Illusions. Imagination. Being sympathetic.
The Sun
Primal source of life and energy. Vitality, strength,
and expression of the ego. Vibrant. Healing. A strong
creative force.
Buried emotions and secret desires. Obstacles
keep appearing before you. Possible cruelty. Transformative.
The process of moving forward.
The Universe
Outer and inner authority. A sensible approach.
Not rushing into things. Balanced reactions.
The Multiverse
A time of healing. Having the key that opens the
door to a new path. Beginning a new spiritual journey.
Moving from the darkness into the light.
18 The Stars, Planets, and Constellations
the yes/no feature
The yes/no feature is one of the newest additions to the classic Tarot. In
older traditional decks, you cannot easily get direct answers to questions.
The classic Tarot shows, for the most part, what I call energy influences
surrounding the question. These subtle energy influences are most easily
read in the Celtic Cross spread or the Quest Tarot spread.
One of the reasons the Ouija board is popular is because you can easily
and without any training get direct and easily understood answers to your
questions. With the Quest Tarot you can easily get direct and meaningful
answers to your questions using both the subtle and, now, the direct mechanics
of these cards.
Included on the court cards are special symbols that, when separated
from the rest of the cards, allow you to ask direct yes-and-no questions.
The possible answers that the symbols represent are “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe,”
“The Answer Lies in the Future,” and “The Answers Lies in the Past.”
Before you start using this feature, let’s take a look at the symbols.
These special symbols, located at the top-center of the court cards, look
like little daggers. Once you know the key, you can easily remember and
use these little daggers to get your direct answers.
Why daggers? The little daggers are a smaller representation of the
Swords symbols in the Tarot. Swords are the cards of thought, and the daggers
represent “little,” or concise, thought. The answers they give are short
and sweet. Swords are also a very directional signal. From the handle of the
daggers to the tip, you visually get the idea of little arrows pointing the way.
These little daggers cut through our mental fog quickly and pin down a
simple but direct answer.
The first symbol, shown here, is the “Yes” symbol.
When you have both daggers pointing straight up, you have
the answer “Yes.” Picture in your mind a hero holding his or
her dagger straight up toward the sky in victory and joy.
The next symbol is the “No” symbol.
You’ll notice that both daggers are pointing down toward
the earth, which ties in with the “thumbs down” symbol
often used today. The energy of the downward-pointing
daggers is toward the earth. This returns...

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