IBM System X3850 X6 and X3950 X6 Planning and Implementation Guide

9780738439747: IBM System X3850 X6 and X3950 X6 Planning and Implementation Guide

The increasing demand for cloud computing and business analytical workloads by enterprises to meet business needs drives innovation to find new ways to build informational systems. Clients are looking for IT solutions that manage large amounts of data, easily scale performance, and provide reliable real-time access to actionable information.

Built on decades of innovation, IBM® introduces its sixth generation of IBM Enterprise X-Architecture® technology, IBM X6 servers. IBM X6 servers are designed to be fast, agile, and resilient:

*Fast application performance means immediate access to actionable information.

*Agile system design helps to reduce acquisition costs and provide the ability to host multiple generations of technology in a single server.

*Resilient platforms maximize application uptime and promote easy integration in virtual environments.

This IBM Redbooks® publication® covers product information as well as planning and implementation information. In the first few chapters, we provide detailed technical information about the four-socket x3850 X6 and eight-socket x3950 X6. This information is most useful in designing, configuring, and planning to order a server solution. In the later chapters of the book, we provide detailed configuration and setup information to get your server operational.

This book is aimed at clients, IBM Business Partners, and IBM employees that want to understand the features and capabilities of the IBM X6 portfolio of servers and want to learn how to install and configure the servers for use in production.

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