Yolanda D. Logan "Righteously Armed"

ISBN 13: 9780692755143

"Righteously Armed"

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Detective II, Lang Strait, from the Southern Crest Police Department (SCPD), Robbery/Homicide Division, located in Dusty Mountain, CA (far north end of Los Angeles County); and Detective Chumney (“Chum”) Beasley from The Bedfordshire Police Department located in Bedfordshire, England, who was participating in their "International Exchange Program" (with a six month term); were tasked with assisting the Terrorist Response Team, with what was initially classified as an Islamic Terrorist attack. For all intended purposes, SCPD is considered a small, but prominent law enforcement agency. Notably, all of SCPD’s sworn also periodically works in conjunction with the Dusty Mountain’s Fire Department, in order to manage various mountainous rescue operations within their region. Due to such additional responsibility, some calls for service are addressed by their efficient "Equestrian Squad," which stands to reason why the vast majority of their citizens refer to them as the "SoCal Mounties." In any case, an alleged act of terrorism was executed on Soilubles Corporation, a drought tolerant, and governmental subsidized business. Despite some initial skepticism from their comrades, in due time, and with the initial assistance from two Elite’s Security Guards, the Detectives eventually uncovered the assailant’s true plot. Prior to leaving Dusty Mountain, they encountered some unforeseen distractions, such as two mocking Federal law enforcement agents – Anthony Contadino and Vincent Trevino from the "Federal Anti-Terrorist Administration" (FATA), who attempted to dissuade their efforts. Nonetheless, they were granted permission to continue their pursuit, which led them directly into a quaint San Francisco, Bay Area town, called "Darling." Accordingly, they were allotted approximately one week to capture the elusive Borya Gorshkov, his contrite accomplices, and if possible, secure the converted, and valued intellectual property. Unfortunately, their journey became fraught with two major obstacles. Equally important, when the Detectives finally arrived at such destination, they discovered their manhunt was occurring during Darling’s 8th annual Halloween Party at "Le bel hôtel Blanc." Meanwhile, on the east side of the San Francisco's Bay Bridge, Lineridge Police Department’s (LRPD) Detective II, Gabe (“Heavy Duty”) Maaka, graciously planned to host a birthday luncheon for Detective II, Hugo (“Hu”) Sinclair, his partner, at a popular restaurant called, "Miss Mabel’s Steakhouse & Billiards," located in Darling. Shortly afterwards, they become reluctantly roped into providing mutual aid. In the midst of Sheriff Hayes preparing for the SCPD’s Detectives arrival, he regrettably discovered that due to "Deputizing" several community members for the widely advertised Halloween event, he unexpectedly experienced a significant shortage of weapons. Despite such discovery, and in the true spirit of being Mounties ("they always get their man"), the SCPD’s Detectives courageously persevered, and ultimately gained support from the LRPD's Detectives, Sheriff Hayes, as well as his inventive team such as Deputy Adderley Garnett, with his jailhouse pigs named, "Peg and Pug"; Deputy Ford Phillips, an IRAQ War Veteran, and an amputee, along with his trained wolves named, "Ax and Grind"; Deputy Pila Sun, Sheriff Hayes’s adopted daughter, with her red-necked Falcons named, "Clothespins and Laundry." And finally, Araceli Castillo, from SCPD's Intel Division, and Patrol Officer Troy Hill, readily assist whenever possible. (Action, Comedy, and Drama) .

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