Self-guided Berchtesgaden, Obersalzberg & Hitler's Eagle's Nest - 2015

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9780692436240: Self-guided Berchtesgaden, Obersalzberg & Hitler's Eagle's Nest - 2015
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FOR HISTORY BUFFS and nature lovers, this “Self-guided Berchtesgaden, Obersalzberg & Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest” guidebook is a must have! Why pay to join a tour when you can do all the sights yourself?

SITUATED 25 km from Salzburg, Austria, and two hours south of Munich, this Alpine region boasts some of Germany's most beautiful scenery. Imagine pine-fresh air, quaint Bavarian farmhouses, onion-domed churches, and mountain rivulets cutting through lush meadows home to lethargic cows playing tunes with the bells hanging from their necks. Picture men clad in lederhosen, women wearing busty dirndls, girls sporting pigtails, and hikers clutching ornamented sticks seemingly within arm's reach of jagged peaks belonging to gigantic mountains. It's authentic Bavaria; it's Berchtesgadenerland, the real deal, and waiting for your visit!

BESIDES SWOOSHING through salt mines and gliding across the idyllic waters of Königssee (the only lake in Central Europe most similar to a Scandinavian fjord), you'll get a better understanding of what once was the seat of an empire on Obersalzberg, formerly Hitler's neighborhood and spiritual heartland of Nazi Germany. For example, page 20 narrates the mountain's history followed by the section Obersalzberg Today; then Obersalzberg 1933-45 (pages 21-30), a fascinating do-it-yourself recount of how the Alpine redoubt looked during the Third Reich. Page 31 begins the reader on a do-it-yourself subterranean journey into a network of tunnels laced with machine-gun nests leading to Hitler's former mansion, the Berghof. And pages 35-40 lift the reader up to 6,000 feet for the history of the Eagle's Nest and a do-it-yourself tour of the mountain-top property. Information you won't find anywhere else, but here!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This guidebook is updated every year. It is the very latest resource on Berchtesgaden, Obersalzberg, and the Eagle’s Nest to hit the market. (In essence, there is no single regularly printed guidebook regarding these sites and attractions that is more current and comprehensive than this resource.) While many publishers of guidebooks update their material every so often, Harriman Travel Books is as consistent as the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti. Although some details will invariably change after the research has been logged, the vast majority of information is accurate and reliable. Brett Harriman personally visits the sites contained within this guidebook every autumn and therefore it is released with the utmost “freshness” for the coming year. Moreover, it is designed for you to travel like a local, to save time and money, to experience an enjoyable and authentic trip, while leading to new adventures and acquaintances along the way.

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