Decker, Sherry Hypershot

ISBN 13: 9780692388396


9780692388396: Hypershot

The world of the Undercity, a place of refuge for the inhabitants left in a dying world, safe yet dangerous for those lucky enough to dwell within. One tough as nails figure emerges from the midst of the Undercity military ranks, Krea-D. Krea-D is thirty years old and clawing her way through the patriarchal military ranks of Undercity in 2210 CE, three miles beneath Mt. Mesquite in the New Mexico desert. Krea desires the solitude and security a high rank can deliver in such a harsh, post-apocalyptic world. Entering a combat-weapons contest using the Hypercon, Undercity’s hottest, high-tech weapon, Krea wins but ends up sharing the title, Hypershot with her long-time nemesis, Makk-A. Makk-A, with the connivance of Undercity’s highest-ranking officer, Jacquard Crop, takes possession of the trophy leaving Krea with only the promise of the genuine weapon ‘when it’s revamped.’ Beneath her apparent calm, Krea revolts against the chicanery but her actions uncover secrets hidden by Undercity’s most powerful Elite, someone who left her as a newborn in Undercity’s orphanage. Krea has attracted the attention of Jacquard Crop. Crop is on the hunt for a new wife, because to become Premier he must father a healthy heir in a world with a high enfant mortality rate. Crop takes the advice of his sister, Lona Tors and forces Krea into marriage. Soon pregnant, Krea sees her goal of independence unraveling. She regrets entering the contest and losing her independence. Power-seeking Lona Tors uses her brother’s high rank to control people, but her efforts to control Krea backfire. When Lona discovers Krea has stolen her boy-toy artist lover, she has Krea sent to hunt down Jero-K, a notorious rebel AWOL from the military and Krea’s best friend. Krea and Jero make a run for the surface. Their very survival depends on Krea’s warrior talents in a final, no-rules battle for freedom.

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About the Author:

Her short fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Cemetery Dance, Black Gate, Dark Wisdom, Best Of Dark Wisdom and numerous other publications. She is an Active member in both SFWA and HWA, winning First Place in the NTPWA fiction contest, end-of-year Finalist and Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future, and three-time Finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association genre fiction contest.

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