Krepshaw, Brian The Donut Shop Restaurant

ISBN 13: 9780692285381

The Donut Shop Restaurant

9780692285381: The Donut Shop Restaurant

Some like glazed donuts, some like cake donuts... here, presented in one volume, is The Donut Shop Restaurant written for screen and stage. The Donut Shop Restaurant is not about a restaurant that serves donuts. Nor is it about a donut shop that serves fine cuisine. It is somewhere in between the two. Sure, there may be a pink box of donuts on the counter, but that doesn’t mean they were made there. Besides, the big donut machine was in use when Dale Dermitt decided to take a bath. What was he doing in the big donut machine? Well, poor Dale didn’t have anywhere else to go. Besides, when life gives you donut holes, make donuts… or in this case breakfast, lunch and dinner, diner-style. As for the customers? Turns out they weren’t too keen on the proprietor. Not because of his bathing habits or his backwoods country charm. It was his food. Bland, very bland. The man who likes vanilla everything and puts nothing on his hot dog isn’t about to subject his customers to the wide world of flavor – just yet. But it is not his customers that Dale is most concerned with. The man across the street is Stanley Maroney and he has a big, fancy restaurant that towers over the tiny Donut Shop Restaurant. Not only that, but he is the man who sold it to Dale on promises of grandeur. This is the man Dale wants to win over… as well as his very pretty sister, Tina, who happens to like Dale as much as he likes her. The absurdity kicks into high heat when Tina introduces Dale to the world of spices and the Donut Shop Restaurant achieves instant success, much to the chagrin of Stanley Maroney. While he is busy obsessing on the country guy across the street, he doesn’t realize – nor does anybody else – that the real secret to Dale’s success happens to be a little piece of the country he brought with him to the big city.

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