Suicidal Family: A manifesto for healing and avoiding the aftermath of cross cultural unions, and marriages in captivity; examining the definition of ... of divorce, and how to divorce with children.

9780615583761: Suicidal Family: A manifesto for healing and avoiding the aftermath of cross cultural unions, and marriages in captivity; examining the definition of ... of divorce, and how to divorce with children.

Are some relationships torn apart because of social, spiritual, religious, racial, and cultural viewpoints that are forced to coexist in the same place at the same time? Is the idea of cultural homogeny within a household or long-term relationship based on a short sighted utopian flight of the imagination?
This book uncovers the subversive, but aggressive, tactics often used by society/parents/children, in lopsided cross-cultural "unions", that work to disconnect families from their familial root and center. This work address the challenge of imparting healthy values to current or former spouses while also fighting to safeguard the minds and spirits of your children.
To this end, "Suicidal Family" highlights the harmful effects of cultural mixing within the context of a long term intimate relationship or family. This is a practical guidebook accompanied by engaging fictional narratives; complete with techniques and exercises that you can use straight away to bring order to the chaos of a split-camp relationship or family. "Suicidal Family" deals with the solutions needed for dating, marital, and post marital rebalancing as a result of cross-cultural blending. Follow the lives of three couples and witness the genesis of their relationships and their well earned destinations.
The author provides answers for those trying to maintain order and unity with their children, in-laws, and ex-spouses after a parental separation. Through the methods provided herein you will learn how to choose your long-term partner more wisely and end the mayhem of cross-cultural mismatching in your relationship and home.

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From the Author:

Table of Contents:You divided so, they Conquered 11The Genes of Isis 12Culture 20Mate Selection 22Dating 25Time shared 29Determining Compatibility 34Awakenings and Groundings 35Marriage 41Child Rearing 42The Evolution 44Divorce 60The Reaping 63Child Rearing Post Marriage 87Solutions 88Settling dust 92Techniques 107Conclusion 110
Book Excerpt:"Spirituality: Another depressing, discouraging, and vexing scenario is one where various spiritual stances are being exposed to children against the will of one or more parents. This, more often than not, is done by grandparents, step-parents, and former co-parents who've "thrown the baby out with the bathwater" after a breakup.

  • Make sure you take the time to truly know what your child is spiritually being exposed to and if you hold an objection, voice that to your co-parent and determine if an agreement can be reached first.
  • Never try to indoctrinate your child into any singular spiritual or religious approach. In doing this you'll either "cap" their boundless ceiling of awareness or cause them to resent the notion of spirituality all together in the due course of time.
  • Create family rituals that are unique to you and your children. I'd suggest Sun Salutations, nightly spiritual cleansing rituals, and Ancestral Fellowship offerings these can be custom tailored and distinctly ritualized in a hard to refute/reproduced manner.
  • Never vilify your co-parent/in-laws because of their religion or spiritual stance. Typically children love both parents and maternal/paternal relatives alike.
  • If your child comes back to you after spending time with their other parent, whom they're fortunate enough to have and know, provide the nonjudgmental elucidation and clarity about concepts that may be out of alignment with your higher order thinking.
  • Trust that your children have access to endless spiritual resources as their cosmic right/rite. You are not their only source of enlightenment.
Again, education and experience will be your greatest tools."

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