Pet Tracker: The Amazing Story of Rachel the K-9 Pet Detective

9780578157559: Pet Tracker: The Amazing Story of Rachel the K-9 Pet Detective
From the Publisher:

Pet Tracker is the remarkable story of Kat Albrecht, the nation’s first police detective-turned- pet detective. Her pioneering experiences are astonishing, revealing, and time-tested lost pet recovery methods that could one day help you, too.

Disillusioned by a police career where her bloodhound-tracking techniques and brilliant search dogs rarely got a chance to shine, Kat started training her retired Weimaraner, Rachel, to search for lost pets—with unbelievable results. To the amazement of her colleagues, Kat decided to make her unconventional use of search dogs a full-time career, in spite of being mocked and told she was “having a pipe dream” if she thought she could make a living as a pet detective.

Using investigative CSI techniques such as probability theory, behavioral profiling, forensic testing, and searches with scent-detection dogs, Kat Albrecht (and the other pet detectives she’s trained) has helped thousands of pet owners locate their lost dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, ferrets, and other domestic pets. Along the way, Kat faced one-of-a-kind challenges and unexpected roadblocks (how do you convince a forensics lab to conduct a DNA test on a cat’s whisker?), but these challenges have always been balanced by the unique joys of reuniting missing pets with their owners. Kat’s unlikely career path and her unconventional spiritual journey to find her “life purpose” ultimately transformed her from a dissatisfied cop into a woman who found her true calling.

Readers of Virginia Lanier’s Death in Bloodhound Red series will be intrigued by Kat’s bloodhound tracking stories while fans of memoirs like Marley & Me and Merle’s Door will find heart and soul in Rachel’s inspirational story.

About the Author:

Kat Albrecht is a police detective-turned-pet detective and the founder of Missing Pet Partnership (MPP), a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families and K9 Pet Trackers, LLC, the first-ever pet detective academy. Kat successfully pioneered the cross application of law enforcement investigative techniques and technologies to solve lost pet investigations. She is widely known as the leading authority on pet detective training. Since 1997, Kat has trained hundreds of professional pet detectives, volunteer pet detectives, animal control officers, veterinarians, and shelter staff in the analysis of human and animal behaviors that contribute to the homeless pet crisis. Kat and her search dogs (and target cats) have appeared on Animal Planet, and articles about her work have appeared in major publications like People, Reader’s Digest, and Parade. Kat is the author of two books: The Lost Pet Chronicles (first published in 2004, revised and released in 2015 under the title Pet Tracker) and Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets. Kat is an inspirational speaker who encourages teens (and adults) to find their own “life purpose.” You can contact Kat through her Web site at

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