The Conflict with Spain: A History of the War, Based Upon Official Reports and Descriptions of Eye-Witnesses (1898)

9780548999202: The Conflict with Spain: A History of the War, Based Upon Official Reports and Descriptions of Eye-Witnesses (1898)
Reseña del editor:

The plain tale as set forth rivals the enchantments of feudal conquest, when the world made war a part of its daily life. For though in point of time, the conflict with Spain embraced but the duration of three months, the prodigies performed by our fleets rival a centurys activities in other times. In an hour almost, one of our fleets conquered an Oriental empire dating back coevally with the settlement of our own states; at our very doors, in the sea which has witnessed colossal struggles of most of the powers of Christendom, our navy in three hours ended the domination of the onceworld power. And if our armies did not equal in these achievements, the marvels of the fleets, they performed wherever called upon, all that a heroic soldiery was ever asked to do. The tale as it unrolls itself from the far-off shores of the Philippines and the coral reefs of the Caribbean, takes on the texture of the most absorbingly thrilling romance, for it involves the dauntless heroism of the knight pledged to deeds of emprise and armies consecrated to peril in every form known in war. It reveals a galaxy of heroes added to the long list whose names shine in the golden legend of our creation and maintenance as a state. From this tale, the citizen of the republic will rise with a new confidence in our system, a new hope in our destiny. For from the opening guns at Manila to the last volley at Santiago, there was not a man under the flag who did not. and does not deserve well, of his country. As much as possible I have striven to let the heroes who wrought so grandly tell the story of their achievements in their own words. From the captivating confidences of the Hero Hobson to the caustic comment of General Miles, the reader will find side by side with the authors deductions and appreciations, the testimony of every actor in the grandiose drama which constitutes the miraculous
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