Graphic Statics: With Applications to Trusses, Beams and Arches (1904)

9780548972809: Graphic Statics: With Applications to Trusses, Beams and Arches (1904)
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GENERAL METHODS. § j. Inttoduction.
i. Graphic Statics has for its object the Solution of prob-lems in statics by mcans of gcomctrical constructions, ihe rcsults being obtaincd directly from the scale drawings.
(A knowlcdgc of Statics is presupposed. Howcvcr, a brief presentation of its principlcs and methods in case of forecs lying in the samc plane will be made.
In the subsequent chapters, familiarity with the subjeet of Strcngth of Materials, including beam stresses and deflections, is also assumed.)
2. Representation of Forces. A force is fully determined when its magnitude, direclion, and point of applicalion are known. In dealing with problems in Statics of Rigid Bodies, the magnitude, direction, and Une o action of a force are the elcmcnts commonly involved, since the equilibrium or motion of such a body is not affected by transferring ihe point of application of a force to any other point in its linc of action.
3. Resultant of any System of Forces Lying in the Same Pla

Table of Contents

CHAPTER I GENERAL METHODS; § 1 INTROPl'CTION ABT PAGtr; i Definition of Graphic Statics i; a Representation of Forces I; 3 Uesullant oi Forces lyüig in the Same Ptane i; 4 Example„ 3; 5 Conclitions of EquiLibrium 4; 6 Rxamplcs and Problems 5; § 2 FUNICULAK TOI-YGON; 7 Definitions 8; 8 Applications 10; 9 Notation•••• II; 10 Problems- 13; 11 Distributed Forces 14; 12 Funicular Polygon for a Distributed Force 14; 13 Funicular Polygon for a Uniformly Distributed Force »5; § 3 FORCES IN EQU11IRRJI/M; 14 Use of Funicular Polygon 17; 15 Case I Parallel Forces 17; 16 Case II Non-parallcl Forces 19; 17 Case III Non-parallcl Forces 2c; 18 Resolution of Forces into Components 21; § 4 ÖRAPIIICAL DETERMINATION OF MOMENTS; 19 Moment of Kesultant of any System of For

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