Thankful's inheritance (1915)

9780217884174: Thankful's inheritance (1915)
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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III EMILY said—well, the first thing she said was, "Oh, Aunt Thankful!" Then she added that she couldn't believe it. "It's so," declared Mrs. Barnes, "whether we believe it or not. When you come to think it over there's nothin' so wonderful about it, after all. I had a sneakin' suspicion when I was sittin' here by you, after you'd gone to sleep. What I saw afterwards made me almost sure. I—Hum! I guess likely that'll keep till we get to the hotel, if we ever do get there. Perhaps Mr.—Mr. " "Bangs is my name, ma'am," said the big man with the lantern. "Obed Bangs." "Thank you, Mr. Bangs. Or it's 'Cap'n Bangs,' ain't it?" "They generally call me Cap'n, ma'am, though I ain't been doin' any active seafarin' for some time." "I thought as much. Down here on Cape Cod, and givin' orders the way I heard you afore you come into this room, 'twas nine chances to one you was a cap'n, or you had been one. Bangs—Bangs—Obed Bangs? Why, that name sounds kind of familiar. Seems as if— Cap'n Bangs, you didn't use to know Eben Barnes of Provincetown, did you?" "Eben Barnes ? Cap'n Eben of the White Foam, lost off Cape Hatteras in a gale?" "Yes, that's the one. I thought I heard him speak of you. He was my husband." Captain Obed Bangs uttered an exclamation. Then he stepped forward and seized Mrs. Barnes' hand. The lady's hand was not a very small one but the Captain's was so large that, as Thankful remarked afterward, it might have shaken hers twice at the same time. "Eben Barnes' wife!" exclaimed Captain Obed. "Why, Eben and I was messmates on I don't know how many v'yages! Well, well, well, ma'am, I'm real glad to see you." "You ain't so glad as we are to see you—and your friend," observed Thankful, drily. "Is he a captain, too?" He didn't look like one, ...

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