Castle Rackrent [by M. Edgeworth].

9780217824194: Castle Rackrent [by M. Edgeworth].

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: sleeves; they are as good as new, though come Holantide next, I've had it these seven years; it holds on by a single button " the outlaw being, for his many crimes and vil- " lanies ; banished from the towns and houses of " honest men, and wandering in waste places, far " from danger of law, maketh his mantle his house, " and under it covereth himself from the wrath of " Heaven, from the offence of the earth, and from " the sight of men. When it raineth it is hispent- " house; when it bloweth, it is his tent; when it " freezeth it is his tabernacle. In summer he can " wear it loose; in winter he can wrap it close ; " at all times he can use it; never heavy, never " cumbersome. Likewise for a rebel it is as serviceable; for in this war that he makeih (if at " least it deserves the name of war), when he still " flieth from his foe, and lurketh in the thick woods " (this should be black logs), and straight passages " waiting for advantages ; it is his bed, yea, and " almost his household-stuff." round chapter{Section 4round my neck, cloak fashion—to look at me, you would hardly think " poor Thady" was the Father of attorney Quirk; he is a high gentleman, and never minds what poor Thady says, and having better than 1500 a year, landed estate, looks down upon honest Thady; but I wash my hands of his doings, and as I have lived so will i die, true and loyal to the family.—The family of the llackrents is, am proud to say, one of the most ancient in the kingdom.—Every body knows this is not the old family name, which was O'Shaugh- lin, related to the kings of Ireland—but that was before my time.—My grandfather was driver to the great Sir Patrick O'Shaughlin, and I heard him, when I was a boy, telling how the Castle Rack- rent estate came toSir Patrick—SirTally- hoo Rackrent was c...

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