A Laboratory Manual in Elementary Biology

9780217430562: A Laboratory Manual in Elementary Biology

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1895. Excerpt: ... INDEX AND DERIVATIONS. abdomen--L. abdomen, the belly, 25--appendages, 26. abducens--L. ab, from; duco, I lead, 84. aboral--L. ab, from; os, mouth, it,--aboral tentacles, 11, abortivus--L. abortus, an untimely birth, 158. acer--L. acer, a maple tree, 185. acetabulum--L. acetabulum, a cup-shaped vessel, 103. actinozoa--Gr. aktis, a ray; zo'dn, an animal, 170. acutiloba--L. acutus, sharp; lobus, a lobe, 183. adductor--L. ad, to; duco, to lead,--impression, 45,--muscle, 45, air-bladder, 63. air-chamber, 136--air-sacs, 39. albidum--L. albus, white, 182. alga--L. alga, a sea-weed, 121. alimentary canal--L. alimcntum, food, 14, 20, 31, 49, 61, 78. alismales--alisma, a water-plantain, 175. allium--L. allium, garlic, 181. allolobophora tumida--Gr. alios, other; lobos, a pod; phoreo, I bear; L. tumidus, swollen, 17. alternate, 159. alternation of generation, 141. amaryllidaceae--L. Amaryllis, a country girl celebrated by Vergil, 182. amblystoma--Gr. arnblus, blunt; stoma, mouth, 172. ambulacra--L. ambulacrum, a walking place, 12--ambulacral groove, 12. amentales--L. amentum, thong, 178. americana---N. L. americanus, pertaining to the Western Hemisphere, 185. amoeba proteus--Gr. amoibos, exchanging; L. Proteus, a self-transformed sea-god, I. amoeboid elements--Gr. amoibos, exchanging; eides, resemblance, 5. ampelidae--Gr. ampelis, a small vine, 184. ampelopsis--Gr. ampelis, a small vine; opsis, appearance, 184. amphibia--Gr. amphi, both; bios, life, 89, 171. amphidisCS--Gr. amphi, both; diskos, a disc, 5. amphioxus--Gr. ampki, both; oxus, pointed, 67, 171. 210 ampulls e--L. ampulla, a bellied bottle, 15. anacharis--Gr. ana, without; charis, grace, 6. analogy--Gr. analogos, proportionate, 56--analogous, 56. anatomy--Gr. ana, up; temnein, to cut, 13. angiospermae--Gr...

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