The Island of Roses and Her Eleven Sisters; Or, the Dodecanese From the Earliest Time Down to the Present Day

9780217084932: The Island of Roses and Her Eleven Sisters; Or, the Dodecanese From the Earliest Time Down to the Present Day
Reseña del editor:

This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1922. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... INDEX Abbedin Pasha, 319 Abdoul Medzid, 315 Abdul Hamid, 297 Abydos, besieged and captured by Philip V., 158, 160 Achaeans, League of, 159 Achaia, older name of the acropolis of Ialysos, 8, 73, 74 Acheloos, 350 Achmed Pasha, 283 Achne, 23 Acilius, Manius, 165-66 Acragas, 193 Acratos, 392 Acusilaos, 403 Ada, 109 Adam, Philipp Villiers de 1'Isle, Grand Master, 270-89 Suleiman's letter to him and his reply thereto, 271-72 Receives help from Christian states, 275 Leaves Rhodes, 289 Vainly attempts to recover Rhodes, 292 Admiral, 103 Adonis, 350 . Ivscllines in Rhodes, 370-71 .Kfolinns, appoint mediator and disposed to accept peace, 149 Agapetos, bishop, 356 His advice sought for, 356 Agasicles, incident of, 90 Agathangelos Hieronymos, 377 Agathocles, 388 Agathostratos Polyaratou, 144, 145 Agelaos, the JEtolizn, appeals for Qreek union, 150-51 Agepolis, 181 Agesandros, 389 Agesilochos, 178, 180 Agesipolis, 183 Agrippina, 213 Ahmet III., Sultan, 297 Aigle, 15 Akesimbrotos, 160 Akif Pasha, 318 Alabanda, 162 Alcibiades, 99 Alcon, 388 Alectryona, 351 Alevas, 388 Alexander the Great, 109-10 Makes /Egean Sea a Greek lake, 109 Vested with mantle from Lindian Athena's temple, 109 Helps Rhodes, 110 Trusts his will to the Rhodians, 110 Alexander, sovereign of Egypt, 196 His son surrendered to Mithridatos, 196-97 Alexandria, 147 Alkimos, 135 Althaemenes of Crete, 77, 346, 351 of Argos, 81 Amaral, Andr6 d', 271, 284 Amboise, Emery d', Grand Master, 267 Ambrakia, 172 Ameglio, General, 324 Expresses gratitude to Greeks, 325 His first proclamation, 325-26 His declaration to the Rhodian Demogeronts, 326 Statement to the Greek Metro- politan, 326 Assurances to the Rhodian citizens, 326 Breaks up Patmos Congress, 330 Ameinias (or Ananias ?), 133 Amenophis IV., 80 Amero, Vice-Admiral, ...

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