SPENGLER: Abhandlung von den Conchylien der Südsee etc. [and] WALCH: Beschreibung einiger neu entdeckten Conchylien. Drittes [and] Viertes Stück. [and] SOLANDER: Abhandlung von dem Mordwurm etc. IN: Der Naturforscher. Volumes 9-12

SPENGLER, Lorenz [and] WALCH, Johann Ernst Immanuel [and] SOLANDER, Daniel

Editorial: Gebauer
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Librería: Harbeck Books (Brisbane, Carindale, QLD, Australia)
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1776 - 1778. 1. SPENGLER: Abhandlung von den Conchylien der Südsee überhaupt und einigen neuen Arten derselben insbesondere. IN: Vol. 9, pp. 145 - 168, 7 hand-coloured illustrations on 2 plates by J. S. Capieux (Capieux sculp.). * A highly significant paper with descriptions and illustrations of shells collected on Cook's Endeavour voyage. The shells had been acquired from the natural history dealer George Humphrey for the King of Denmark (Spengler was Keeper of the Royal Art Collections). The paper includes excerpts from an interesting letter by Humphrey on the manner in which he acquired shells from the recently returned 'Resolution'. * One of the two plates includes a finely hand-coloured illustration of an Australian Mud Whelk (Pyrazus ebeninus). This shell is endemic to Australia and is 'the first recognisable illustration of a characteristically Australian species' (Dance 1972). Also on this plate are two coloured illustrations of a New Zealand Abalone or Paua shell (possibly Haliotis australis, as well as two illustrations of a Brown Top Shell (Maurea punctulata). The other plate illustrating this paper shows two very finely hand-coloured illustrations of a Cook's Turban (Cookia sulcata). * Both Dance and later Andrews erroneously state that Spengler's paper describes shells from the 'Resolution', very likely because of the reference to the Resolution in the Humphrey letter. However, Spengler clearly states that the shells were from the first voyage: "Diese vier beschriebenen Arten Südländischer Conchylien sind samt meinem übrigen Vorrath von dieser Weltgegend, aus der ersten Sammlung des Humphrey, welche er sich von dem Schiffe, auf welchem Bancks und Solander zu Hause gekommen waren, erhandelt". Spengler also states that he received a list of shells from the Resolution and believes there will be many beautiful ones amongst them. The presence of the Australian mud whelk is of course another clear indication that the collection was from the Endeavour voyage. * A telling passage in the paper clearly demonstrates Spengler's amazement that these shells are so easily obtainable and that he is the first to describe them. He correctly believes this to be because Banks and Solander are more interested in botany. * O'Reilly/Reitman 3255. [and] 2. and 3. WALCH, Johann Ernst Immanuel: Beschreibung einiger neu entdeckten Conchylien. Drittes Stueck. In: Vol. 9, pp. 188-204, 4 hand-coloured illustrations on 1 plate; [and] Beschreibung einiger seltenen und neu entdeckten Conchylien. Viertes Stueck, Vol. 10, pp. 74-85, 7 hand-coloured illustrations on 1 plate by J. S. Capieux. * The third and fourth papers out of a series of five papers by Walch on shells in the collection of the Prince of Schwarzburg in Rudolstadt. The first paper (published in 1774 - the first paper to describe any shells from Cook's voyages) informs us that the shells had been bought from a London dealer named 'Förster' (i.e. 'Foster') who had 'travelled abroad to sell his wares, having satisfied the English market' (Andrews 1986). These two papers describe and illustrate Pacific shells from Cook's voyages including New Zealand shells, e.g. Cook's Turban (Cookia sulcata) as well as a number of limpets ('Napfschnecken'), or Patellidae. * O'Reilly/Reitman 3261 (part); [and] 3. SOLANDER, Daniel: Abhandlung von dem Mordwurm, und von der dadurch verursachten Krankheit. Uebersetzt von J.A.E. Goeze. In: Vol. 11 (1777), pp. 183-204. The German translation of Solander's scientific paper on the 'Furia infernalis', a supposed worm that was said to be the cause of severe skin infections. The paper was first published in Latin in the Nova Acta Upsaliensis in 1773 (see footnote p. 183). * In 1753 Solander had travelled in Lapland as a young student of the natural sciences, but had never published any scientific papers relating to his field studies. This paper on supposed parasitical skin infections amongst the Laps, published twenty years later, is the only scientific publicatio. N° de ref. de la librería 03206

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Título: SPENGLER: Abhandlung von den Conchylien der ...
Editorial: Gebauer

Encuadernación: Hardcover

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